Get your skates on!

The skate season is drawing to a close, so if you fancy a meal of this mild fish, you’d better do it before the end of April, when spider crabs take over their dwelling at the bottom of the sea.

Skates and rays are a large group of fish with a distinctive sweet taste and texture. Fishermen say they resemble a cross between a string ray and a fish. Their large pectoral fins are referred to as ‘wings’ and the meat has a texture, but no bones, rather a skeleton of cartilage.

The French use the simplest ingredients to cook Skate…lemon, pepper, butter and plump capers.

TV chef Jamie Oliver enjoys a skate wing meal. He says:
“I used to eat this quite a lot when I was a kid, and I remember how cool it was to pull the flesh off the bones in spaghetti- like strips.”

Try these recipes to tempt your friends and family to sample a fish dish without the fuss of bones!

Skate with cabbage and spring onions

Skate wings with tomato and capers


Fresh skate wings in front of white background

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